Rheanita Gammon-Reese and Raquel Gammon are affectionately called the "Gammon Girls" and have been practically inseparable for most of their lives, as they are also best friends. These sisters have had two uniquely different life journeys.  Their life journeys have brought them full circle together in ministry (BLOG: www.livingbeyondwithgodsgrace.com), focused on God's amazing grace, believing nothing happens that God does not allow. The Gammon Girls inspire daughters of Christ, sharing their life lessons and experiences to embrace God's perfect gift, GRACE.

Healing GRACE

Raquel "Raq" is a Graves' Disease and TED, Thyroid Eye Disease warrior. She has faced some of her darkest days battling this disease, from extreme weight losses and gains, losing her hair not once, but three times.  She's experienced depression, mental, emotional and physical fatigue, especially during the first 10 years after her diagnosis.  The trauma experienced from TED, caused Raquel to hide from the world, embarrassed by her physical appearance, limiting her public appearances to church and work, as she suffered in silence. 

Today, Raquel is a healthy Graves' Disease and TED advocate and works as a Clinical Research Project Manager. She is the creator of The WONNET, a hair styled beauty accessory created with the woman who has experienced hair loss in mind; however it can be used by any woman, as a hair protection beauty accessory.  The WONNET is Raquel's GRACE project, a beautiful physical manifestation of God's healing grace and her desire to support and encourage any woman dealing with hair loss, which is a traumatizing experience.  The WONNET is satin-lined, and provides an instant solution for hair loss, bad hair days, wash days, and just to switch things up a bit!  Raquel is also a foodie, so stay tuned to some fun creations in the kitchen shared by Raq!

Pivoting GRACE

Rheanita "Rhea" is the eldest sister, a Licensed Beauty Educator (Esthetician) and Expert, who cares for her skincare clients and teaches basic and advanced skin treatments to licensed estheticians, as well as future estheticians. After a successful career as a corporate recruiter, Rheanita entered the beauty industry to pursue her passion.  She is a practicing esthetician, educator, business partner, and co-creator with her sister, Raquel.

It was during Rheanita's recovery from COVID19 that she embraced her ministry, committing to being an instrument of God's grace, to teach and share God's word.  Leveraging her pro beauty skills, as part of the Kalladora movement, to inspire women in all things beauty!  Whether its skincare goals, hair protection, good food, GRACE talks or Bible study, we're all about leading women to God's transforming GRACE. We are focused on becoming who God has purposed and graced us to be in Him.  It's a journey Sis, and we hope you'll join us!  

Love and Grace, 

Rhea and Raq